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Social Media 101 with Kate Carroll

By Blog Team on Sep 15, 2021 3:00:47 PM



Love it or hate it, this much is true: your independent fitness business must have a well-curated, engaging social media presence. more than half the people on earth use social media regularly and the number of users, the amount they engage, and the ways they engage just keep growing. 

Social platforms help you connect with your existing customers and help you find more customers, while providing a free or low cost way to increase awareness about your brand.  

But you are in luck! Because in this episode we get to chat with Kate Carroll, the social media director for MyFitPod and the teacher of all things social in the MyFitPod Academy. Learn about which platforms you need to be on, how often and what kind of content to post, different tools you can use, and the importance of being authentically you- all critical to leveraging the undeniably immense value of social media. 

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