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What's Your W3 and Why Does It Matter? with Rodney J. Morris

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Building Authentic Community with Rodney J. Morris

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Mindset Matters with Rodney J. Morris

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Episode 1. Mindset Matters with Rodney Morris



In this episode, MyFitPod COO Rodney Morris, who also teaches the My Mindset track in the MyFitPod Academy, talks about how and why to take a good look at the attitudes and behaviors that can accelerate or block you in your path to realizing your maximum potential.

You can listen here or on any major podcasting platform by searching "The Independent Fitness Pro Podcast".



Episode Transcript:


JAMES BROWN: Many years ago, I was working with the head of group exercise for a national fitness brand and the conversation landed on other content providers she had worked with. When she mentioned somebody whose work I had been watching with interest from a distance for a while. I asked her what it was like to work with him and she said, “He’s brilliant but he can’t seem to get out of his own way.” 

“Can’t seem to get out of his own way” that was a phrase I had never heard and it really landed somewhere deep with me. For years it bounced around in my head as I watched myself progress and also stumble on my own career path.  

It wasn’t until I started working with today’s guest, Rodney Morris, that I really began to understand what it meant and how it manifested with me, and it is important enough that we’ve chosen this topic to kick off our series on what it takes to be an independent fitness pro- moving from the safety and security of being an employee to the great rewards and new responsibilities that come with self-employment. 

Acquiring new skills and competencies requires that you first recognize and address strengths and weaknesses around your mindset that we all have in various forms so that you can tackle the other things that need to get done to be successful.   

RODNEY MORRIS: My name is Rodney Morris. I'm in Dallas, TX right now. I’m the Chief Operating Officer for MyFitPod. But I started many, many moons ago after graduating from Swarthmore College with a degree in English literature … soooooo was not the original plan. And I took a position working for McMaster Car Supply Company In Dayton, New Jersey- and that took me on a path up to general management but ultimately helped me find my first fitness experience as a participant in a Les Mills Body Pump class in Princeton., New Jersey.

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