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What's Your Level?

Dec 21, 2020 2:38:36 PM

From the newest of the newbies to the most masterful of the masters, the career path of the fitness professional can be divided into three stages, so that’s how we’ve organized the different service tiers at MyFitPod™. Those three levels are Launch, Grow, and Elevate. 

Where do you land on our fit pro scale? 


Launch is where we help you blast off! You’re a Launch Pro if you’re just starting or are still thinking about starting your own fitness business.  

Maybe you’ve just graduated from a yoga teacher training, or you’ve recently gotten certified as a personal trainer; or you’re trained to teach martial arts or dance. Whatever your focus, you know how to make great training sessions happen. You know how to motivate and guide people through engaging, transformational experiences. 

But you know you still have a lot to learn. You need help with the financial side of things, like how to price your sessions and how to take payments. You don’t know what kind of insurance and waivers you need, and you could use some help figuring out how to create a brand, and how to use social media and email marketing to get the word out. And you probably still haven’t found the best way to get your live-streamed and on-demand classes online.  

In the Launch stage, we help you with all of that, and we give you the tools and training you need to develop and understand your potential clients- like how they make fitness choices, how and why they make purchases, and what kinds of programming, marketing, and pricing draws them in.  


You’re in the Grow stage if you’ve got at least a few dozen clients. You’ve taught classes or performed training sessions consistently for at least a month, and you’ve already defined and begun to cultivate your brand. That means you understand who you are, what your niche is, and what kind of client you attract.  

You have a better understanding than you did in your Launch phase of the tools you need to operate an independent business. Now you know you need to be doing email marketing and consistent social media, and you know how to do it. And you’re better at packaging and pricing than you were when you were just starting.  

But you know there’s still a lot of progress needed with your messaging, branding and promotion, and you still aren’t sure what the best tools are to do all of that. 

Maybe you’ve hit a ceiling with how many clients you can take. So you’re busy but you’re not scaling your business in a way that allows you to leverage your time to generate passive income. 

In the Grow stage, you’ll develop the skills in sales, marketing, and content creation that you need to grow and expand your business into one that supports and satisfies you in a sustainable way. 


Elevate is for you if you are already well known for what you do and you‘re able to demonstrate significant changes that your clients experience when they train with you. You have a clearly defined, well-publicized brand with a positive track record. And you possess social media savvy, emerging as a recognized influencer in the health & fitness space. 

You’ve reached the level where you’re so good at what you do, that you can teach others how to succeed in the way that you have, by certifying other fitness pros in the system that you’ve developed. 

Being the most mature stage of the fitness professionals, you take more of an entrepreneurial mindset versus just seeing yourself as a business owner or operator. You know your way around the fitness world and you understand your own value. Now you are ready to scale things up. 

In the Elevate stage, we give you the tools and coaching you need o prepare for and execute things like trademark registration, contract management, and independent program launch, so that your fitness business is lucrative and affirming for the long term. 

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