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The Fitness Industry Is Broken...

Dec 22, 2020 7:55:20 AM

In ancient times, and by that we mean one year ago, the backbone of almost every fitness business was defined by a box, with equipment and trainers in it, where people showed up and worked out to get results. Now that model is dead. It was killed by social distancing, but now that we’ve all had a taste of the new options, it isn’t likely that it’ll ever be resuscitated, even when we’re able to be close to each other again. 

Fitness Industry BrokenThe consumer is looking at fitness through an entirely different lens now. They are flooded - even more than before - with choices. With the proliferation of online fitness, consumers can now find options for a fraction of the cost of a club membership and have instant, on-demand access to the absolute best instructors and trainers the world has to offer. And while COVID-19 has brought about myriad tech fitness solutions like Peloton and Apple Fitness +, none of these new alternatives fills the gap completely. What’s missing from them is the human element.  

Long-term tenure in any fitness program happens when there is community and connection- having a coach or fitness leader that is consistently meeting clients where they are and helping them actualize a journey that takes them to a more fit life. And while technology can do some of that, it’s getting together with a real person that picks up where machines and apps fall short in inspiring and effectuating meaningful change. 

Yesterday’s fitness industry relied on exercise as its main revenue stream. Then, when this new reality forced us to stay away from each other, gyms and trainers had a great reckoning. That is, that it isn’t the box or the machines that bring value. Rather, it is the talent of the individual trainer that is any fitness business’s greatest asset. 

3D character holding chain together - isolated over a white backgroundArmed with that understanding, instead of letting lockdowns wipe away potential earnings, smart fitness professionals have seen social distancing as an opportunity for positive transformation. We know that fitness presenters and enthusiasts aren’t expecting gyms to solve our problems any more. And we know that we don't have to rely on gyms and studios to be able to offer or experience the things we are good at and that we love to do.  


We know now that there are more accessible ways to do fitness outside the old box, online, on our own, so it can stream to a worldwide audience. Fitness professionals can offer different services; we can sell products and goods; and we can create our own businesses. Now we can make a profit instead of being underpaid and undervalued in the traditional gym system. For that to happen, we must get clear on exactly who we each serve and how we serve them so that we can stand out and not be yet another blip in the homogenous sea of options. 

When asked about the recent seismic shifts in the fitness industry, Maria Turco, the CEO and Founder of MyFitPod said, “Time and time again, I've asked fitness professionals where they see themselves in five to ten years, and the answer I most consistently get is, ‘I want to have my own brand, my own business, where I have followers and students that I'm bringing about change with, adding forward momentum to their lives.’” 

Before 2020, there was a huge gap that a fitness professional had to leap in order to expand from working in a gym or studio into launching an independent business. But now that leap is easier to make. The old fitness industry is broken because we’re in a brave new world now, where the independent fitness professional can connect directly with clients, making them more fit and healthy while creating community. 

The independent fitness professional is not going to go away. We’re here to stay, so we need the tools and systems to do what we do in a better, plug and play way that allows us to share our gifts with our students so that we can build community and make positive change while launching, growing, and elevating our own personal brands. 

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