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New Features - In Real Life

Jun 14, 2021 6:56:37 PM

APP update

Today we're bringing you a little summer reading and sizzling hot new features at MyFitPod. You may have noticed a few changes when you opened the MyFitPod App. In this update, we've fixed a few bugs, made performance enhancements, and added new features on the MyFitPod APP! 

New features include:

  • In Real Life (IRL) Session Functionality- This enhancement (video below) will allow you to:
    • Create and schedule IRL sessions
    • Share IRL sessions with your audience
    • Allows your audience to book and purchase IRL sessions

  • Start Date - Create your upcoming schedule with ease by selecting a start date for Livestream and/or IRL sessions!

  • Email Communication - both Pod Pros and Podders will receive email confirmations and reminders about session bookings.

Check out this video demonstration on how to create an In Real Life session.

HubSpot Video


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