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How resilient are you as a fitness professional?

Jun 4, 2021 10:30:52 AM

In a Ted talk Christchurch from 2019, author Lucy Hone talks about the three secrets (or traits) of resilient people. They are:
  1. Resilient people get it that "shit happens"
  2. Resilient people are good at choosing where they put their attention
  3. Resilient people ask themselves, "Is what I'm doing helping or harming me?"
It seems simple, but resilience has a lot to do with thinking about, acting on, and BLOCKING the access of people/thoughts/things with intention and discernment. In a nutshell, it's about understanding and embracing the idea that not everyone one or everything DESERVES to occupy your mental, emotional, and physical space. It's about keeping YOUR space clear and clutter-free so that you can stay focused on getting things done and protecting your sanity and sense of self-confidence.
There are SOOOOO many directions we can go with this as we look forward to a new week. For now, I'll simply leave you with this. Of the three traits listed above, which one(s) do you currently struggle with? And... more specifically, how WILLING are you to take action once you figure out that a self-limiting thought, action, or PERSON no longer serves you as is blocking your potential for action and eroding your self-confidence and resolve?
What would have to change for you to be more confident and committed to keeping your mental and emotional airwaves clear of congestion? What would you have to STOP doing or WHO might you have to remove in order to make MORE ROOM FOR YOU in your mind... or in your heart???
Check out the extended video. So much to ponder and unpack.


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